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Hol is the largest of the 6 municipalities in the area of Hallingdal. The other municipalities in Hallingdal are: Ål, Gol, Hemsedal, Nesbyen and Flå. The entire area has approximately 20.000 inhabitants.

General information.
Hol is situated halfway between Oslo and Bergen and has 4.700 inhabitants. The town centre is Geilo where you also will find the Service Information Office for the municipality. Hol has several small town centers including Hol, Hovet, Ustaoset, Haugastøl, Skurdalen and Dagali.

91 % of the area in Hol is located more than 900 meters above sea level. Therefore, hiking, mountain climbing and outdoor activities are extremely popular here - both summer and winter. We are also proud to say that Geilo stands out as one of the most popular ski resorts in Norway. See also www.geilo.no for more information about our tourist attractions.

The primary employer, besides tourism, is the tool making industry. Geilo has a long tradition of making quality tools, cutlery and knives. Farming has also been a traditional industry, especially sheep and cattle.

There are 5 schools and 7 nursery schools (kindergarten) in the municipality. One of the schools is located in Geilomo Barnesykehus – a hospital for children with asthma and allergy problems.

How to get here
There are many alternative ways to get to Hol, as the municipality is situated approximately 250 kilometers from both Bergen and Oslo. There are good connections and possibilities to get here by car, express busses and railway.

Please – always feel welcome to visit Hol.

Contact us:

Hol kommune
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Telephone: +47 3209 2100
E-mail: postmottak@hol.kommune.no